Sunday, May 5, 2013

Hobby Update.. Er.. Post?

     I don't normally do this kind of post, but I'm planning on posting pictures of minis as soon as I have a light-box either ordered or made. Plus, I've never really made my hobby-doings very clear past the to-do lists on the right of my blog. As such, I'm doing this post to make future plans more relevant (and because I'm really excited about the near future of my hobby world!).

     Several pretty big things just happened for me in hobby-land and I'm pretty excited about the upcoming projects. :D

     The first thing is that I sold my 3000pt+ Necron army on Ebay. The Necron were my first army (back in 4th edition) and I used to really enjoy playing them, but with the 5th edition codex they felt stale to me. Maybe it was just a matter of time and the 5th edition codex really had nothing to do with it, but who knows. They spent the last couple of years sitting on a shelf and gathering dust (save for one game where they sided with Tau and eviscerated a Space Marine-Grey Knight team at the dawn of 6th edition) and I decided that it was time for them to go.

     The second big thing is that I've sold my Citadel Realm of Battle. I hauled it out to my FLGS to see if they could ask around for anyone interested (no way I could ship that thing!). They helped me take pictures of the board and offered to put it onto their Facebook after they asked the regular players if anyone was interested. It was a fully-painted Realm of Battle with the extra two tiles, all in snow colors and I was asking $430 to cover the cost of the board and the spray cans. After a couple weeks with no news, I was beginning to lose hope. I called up the store to get a quote on some new plastic crack with the money I made from my Necron selling, and they gave me the great news: They offered my in-store credit for the board at my asking amount! They said the players loved the board, but none of them wanted to buy it. So the store saw it as a great investment to keep people coming in and playing. I'm glad that I've helped them out and that I know the board has got a good home where it will see some use instead of sitting around in its case at my place.

     The combination of the first two things leads to the third. By selling the board I suddenly had a surplus of funds that I could devote to my hobbying. This quickly lead to me searching Ebay, innocently enough, for a Space Marine head to replace an un-helmeted one with. After finding one, I looked down at the other suggested items and noticed a Warhound Titan... Mars Pattern... The one I've wanted since.. well, forever.

     Not only was it a Warhound Titan, it was assembled (separable at the waist), unpainted, and nearly $150 (after shipping) cheaper than Forgeworld's price when I first found it. The seller is located in Russia, which after some investigation it seems that the Russians can get their hands on FW stuff cheap. So I compared the pictures and carefully read the description. The Warhound pictures matched Forgeworld's detail for detail, minus the paint and pose. The auction ended this morning (just a few minutes ago) and I won! The final price was $456 after shipping, but that's still almost $50 cheaper than Forgeworld and it comes fully assembled! The assembly process was one of the things that made me hold off on buying one for so long. Combine that I can order one cheaper AND assembled? I'm all in!

     So now my head is swimming with ideas of how to paint this dream-model of mine. I'm pretty sure that I'll go with the Legio Crucius design:

     I love the black and white stripes, and its a pretty rare scheme as far as I can tell. I've only ever seen two done in it. This one is fantastic:

     Of course, mine won't look that good, but I can dream!

     Since this was supposed to be a post about my hobbying, I should also explain the armies I am currently collecting/playing and the armies I typically fight.

     My largest army by far are my Orks. I've got around 3300 points of the Green Menace with a lot more on my to-buy list. The Orks are my favorite army to play and collect by far, but not my favorite fluff-wise. The Dark Eldar hold that spot in my heart (that's ironic!).

     With this latest order, I've decided to get my Space Marines and Dark Eldar up to fighting strength before I let myself buy any more Orks. Well.. I did order Ghazgkull, but that's different! D:

     After the order, my Dark Eldar will sit around 1400 possible points (I have 3 HQ choices) and my Space Marines will total to nearly 1700 points.

     As for the armies I'm usually fighting, da Tau are da usual customa's, but we git some good scraps in wif' dem Chaos Daemons too.

     I plan on posting sometime soon with my plans for the future of this blog. I really need to get some more Black Library books..

     Alright, dat's enuf' Orkin' about, boyz.

     Thanks for reading!