Friday, April 12, 2013

40k Book Review: Masque of Vyle

I cannot overstate my love for Andy Chambers' books. The Masque of Vyle is no exception to this love. While a little short, this story was very interesting as it details one of the things about Eldar I knew very little about: Harlequins. Featuring Motley (from the Path of the Renegade and Path of the Incubus stories), the plot is centered around a troupe of Harlequins seeking vengeance against an unknown someone who pillaged an entire Craftworld. Their chase leads them to one of the Dark Eldar realms, where they resolve to draw forth the culprit with a performance of the Masque.


  • Very interesting plot, especially if you want to know more about Harlequins
  • Fantastic writing style that is so typical of Andy Chambers!
  • An unexpected setting, which I won't spoil.
  • This story felt a little short, especially for the extra cost tagged onto it.
Despite the increased cost, I think that this book was entirely worth buying and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys Eldar, Harlequins, or Dark Eldar.

Thanks for reading!