Friday, May 10, 2013

Ideas for the Future

     Well, here is that post I promised about the ideas I have for the future of this blog. First off, once I have more books to read, I will do more 40k Book Reviews, but for now I want to cover another topic.

     For a while now, I've been wanting to construct a narrative 40k experience and feature it here on my blog. Once the armies are painted (hopefully sooner than later), I intend to go through with that plan. I've been working on back-stories, names, locations, and motivations for around a month now.

     There are several things that I know I want to feature in this series:

  • Pictures of the armies, or at least of important units.
  • A page full of background "fluff" for each army participating.
  • Battle Reports with pictures and narrative bits.
  • Battles that affect the outcome of the system's narrative.
  • A broader selection of game-types and scenarios that give a more dynamic experience than "kill everything" or "hold that rock."
     The battle reports may prove difficult due to insufficient lighting where we play, but I can hopefully improve on that soon. I'm also working on getting a light-box setup for photographing the miniatures for each army as I type this. However, it will still be quite some time before I can actually start on this: there are still many miniatures to paint!

     Here's a list of the armies possibly involved (no special names yet):
  • Chaos Daemons
  • Dark Eldar (two forces)
  • Eldar (questionable)
  • Imperial Guard
  • Orks
  • Space Marines
  • Tau
     I'll be posting updates as I get closer to having this project up-and-running. I would love to hear any suggestions about what you would like to see in this project!

     Thanks for reading!