Friday, March 22, 2013

40k Book Review: Priests of Mars

When I picked out this book to read, I had done so out of curiosity. Before this book I hadn't read anything about the Adeptus Mechanicus outside what little is included in the codices for the game. This was a great vault of information about the Mechanicus, but it doesn't have a conclusive ending, which annoyed me.


  • Great idea for the plot with surprising side-stories.
  • Wonderful insight for anyone who hasn't read much about the Mechanicus and wants to know more about them and their mindset.
  • Colorful and varied characters.
  • Disappointing ending with practically no conclusion; No announced sequel that I am aware of.
  • Two concurrent stories that I had expected to overlap at some point, but remained separate even at the end of the book.
In summary, I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn about the Mechanicus, but I would tag a warning about the ending to the end of my recommendation. An announced sequel would redeem this book for the most part, but the two concurrent stories were somewhat irritating in this book. I have read several books with concurrent plot-lines, but this one felt different for some reason.

Thanks for reading!