Friday, August 30, 2013

40k Book Review: Lords of Mars

     Hey there, internet! Remember when I complained that there was no sequel to Priests of Mars in an earlier post? Turns out one released without me noticing: Lords of Mars, by Graham McNeill. I picked this up earlier this week and blew through it in a couple days. After reading this book, all of my gripes about the last book are rectified.

     I absolutely LOVED this book. There were some awesome moments in it that I would hate to spoil, but will highlight a little below.

  • Crazy plot with very unique characters.
  • Considerable exposure to the mind of a titan princeps.
  • Titan combat!
  • Intrigue, treachery, and the collision of the two concurrent stories from the last book.
  • A healthy length unlike some OTHER, similarly-priced Black Library books.
  • There is a third book and the wait might kill me. :C
     Questions and comments are appreciated and welcome.

     Thanks for reading,