Tuesday, May 1, 2012

40k Book Review: Path of the Renegade

     All I can say is wow. Path of the Renegade (by Andy Chambers) is the best 40k book I have ever read. Have you ever read a story in which there is a villain and a hero? Of course you have! Well this book takes an interesting twist because everyone is a villain: some are just more evil than others.

     This is one of those stories that you can't sit down. Centered in the dark city of Commorragh, it follows the tale of Dark Eldar conspirators trying to oust Asdrubael Vect, the current ruler of the city. Specifically, it follows two Kabals, a Wych Cult, and a rogue Haemonculus as they delve into dark and deadly secrets to bring themselves into power. The plot is filled with backstabbing, distrust, and an appreciation for pain that only the Dark Eldar could exhibit.

     I can't say too much else about it without ruining the plot, so I'll just get to the pros and cons. :}


  • Incredible setting in a massive and dark city
  • Intense, conspiracy-centered plot
  • Diverse and interesting characters
  • Contains a Dark Eldar history lesson and tons of lore
  • This book NEEDS a sequel. There is a sense of completion at the end, but I'm dying to know what happens to several of the characters following the events in the book.
Also of note, this story has a short prequel/background story called Midnight on the Street of Knives (also by Andy Chambers) that is a must-read (in my opinion) before this book.

In summary, this book is an amazing insight into Dark Eldar society, culture, hierarchy, and mindset that isn't very common in the Imperium-centered 40k lore and I highly recommend this book to any fan of dark fiction  and/or Dark Eldar.

Again, thanks for reading!